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International finance

Easterly discovers the power law of international trade

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Not too long ago, Bill Easterly and Justin Lin squared off at an event at the World Bank over the wisdom of industrial policy in developing countries. While I am sympathetic to Bill's position, judging by the mood of the crowd in the room, I would have to call the debate a tie.

Financial crisis lab rats

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This year's Nobel prize for economics went to Oliver Williamson and Einor Ostrom - both known for grounding their work in the real world. The committee perhaps wisely shunned researchers in finance or macroeconomics who are still coming to terms with the financial crisis and global recession.

Now hanging in IFC

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I was walking through the lobby of IFC today, and there was something pretty unusual hanging—a bunch of oversized, transparent garbage bags. I took a snapshot with my phone (apologies for the modest quality of the photo). From a distance, I couldn't tell what was inside, but when I got up close I saw they were filled with tons of plastic bottles—all used by IFC staff. The sign below the bags reports that IFC staff consume some 80,600 plastic bottles every year.