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Doing Business in India

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Doing business in India may be getting easier in the not too distant future. An article in the Business Standard talks about a proposed law that aims to speed up the enforcement of contracts (Hat tip: Dahlia Khalifa). And what prompted this interest in a new law? You guessed it:

In India, it's all about location, location, location

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The Financial Times reports today that Tata Motors, the company behind the Rs100,000 (US$2280) Nano mini car, has faced protests over the location of its factory. Some 2,000 state police blocked the road to the factory in West Bengal. Protestors are concerned that farmers have been unfairly displaced from Tata's 1,000-acre site. On the upside for Tata, FT reports that it has received proposals for relocation from at least nine Indian states. I guess the diminutive Nano is in demand.

The future of social enterprise

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Attempts to square the circle between business efficiency and social needs have been getting ever greater attention. The conversation over at Creative Capitalism is but one example among many. Harvard Business School has been working on these issues since at least 1993 through its Social Enterprise Initiative.

Corruption in the water sector

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Transparency International has just released its annual corruption report, and this year's focus is on corruption in the water sector. Undoubtedly, the 398-page tome will draw a lot of attention to what Transparency International makes clear is a crisis:

The view from Russian business

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If you want to learn about the real challenges faced by Russia, you could do worse then surveying its captains of industry. This is exactly what the New Economic School did earlier this year in cooperation with Vedomosti and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The results appear in a report called Challenges 2020: The View from Russian Business.