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The World Bank Wants You!

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No, it’s not a joke—the World Bank Group is undertaking consultations right now on its Strategic Framework on Climate Change and Development. Yesterday I attended an internal consultation, and the turnout – over 100 staff – made it clear that World Bank staff are seeing that climate change affects their work.

New blogger: Colleen Mascenik

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I'd like to welcome Colleen as a new guest blogger here on the PSD Blog. She is a learning analyst at the Bank working on financial and private sector development. Colleen just finished participating in the Partnership Forum on Making Finance Work for Africa, held in Ghana earlier this week. She'll be reporting on the conference proceedings, where she met a mix of some 300 central bankers, donors, financiers, and other contributors to the marketplace of ideas.

Xbox for the developing world - part II

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UntitledI decided to follow up on an earlier posting that cast some doubts on the value of the XO laptop for students in developing countries. Two commentors pointed out that even if the XO laptop does not produce direct improvements in classroom learning, there still may be other kinds of benefits.