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property rights

Oil, oil everywhere…

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In just the last two days, two articles have pointed to growing pressure for greater state control of energy resources. In Brazil, the state-owned oil company Petrobras (subscription required) has been pressuring the country’s Congress to change the rules of the game to its benefit. Currently, foreign oil companies bid in auctions for exploration rights, paying a combination of an upfront fee and royalties on any discoveries. However, a huge discovery last year by Petrobras has upped the stakes.

Development 2.0, in graphics

An interesting visualisation of the shift from development 1.0 ("high peaks of bureaucracy, with the sight blurred by the disconnection between grassroots and policy making") to the development 2.0 world ("sustainable, collaborative, entrepreneurial and not aid dependent"), for the benefit of budding social entrepreneurs.

China vs. India - a battle of the brains

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Mumbai_2In this brave new world of knowledge-driven economies, it is a battle of the brains. And in perhaps the biggest battle of them all—China versus India—a winner is emerging. If you guessed India, I’m sorry, you get the consolation prize. China is far outstripping India in the race to expand tertiary enrollment.

Private tutoring - a complement to public education?

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Much ink (not to mention cyberspace) has been spilt on debates on the relative merits of public and private education. Entirely left out of these debates is the question of private tutoring, a potentially important complement to primary and secondary education.

Clay Shirky @ the World Bank

Internet guru Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, was at the World Bank last week to share his take on collaboration and new technologies. His main piece of advice for the Bank: "when someone knocks at your door with the next great big collaboration idea that will cost a million dollars, ask them to go outside for a walk and come back until the price tag is closer to 100,000 USD".