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Comparing businesses' environmental commitments

Climate Change, an environmental interest group, released a new ranking of "green" companies. The survey purports to measure how serious companies are about climate change in comparison with their sector competitors. 

The survey, which is updated annually, uses 22 criteria to analyze whether companies measure their climate footprint; reduced their impact on global warming; supported progressive climate legislation; and publicly disclosed their climate actions clearly and comprehensively.

Credit crunch: Wall Street only, not Queens

Just a few months after opening for business, Grameen Bank America has loaned somewhere between $500 and $3000 to about 175 borrowers.  About a month ago, The New York Times published an article asking weather Muhummad Yunus's  scheme would work in the United States as well as it worked in countries like Bangladesh.

Small Business Finance - What Works, What Doesn't?

May 5 and 6 will see an interesting conference on small business finance here in Washington DC, covering topics from lending techniques, innovations, the impact of market structure, government interventions and alternatives to bank finance.

Goodbye Aceh

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Img_0171Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Early March, Saturday afternoon. Outside temperature: -15 degrees celsius. I am sitting in my hotel room studying a manual on rescue diving. I am confident that I am the only person in all of Mongolia doing this. You can't get much further from an ocean than this.