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Public private partnership

New Blogger: Filip Drapak

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Public Private Partnership—so often the center of attention and so often misunderstood. Is it a method of public procurement of infrastructure or a tool to mobilize private finance for public infrastructure? Is it capable of transferring risks to the private sector or taking advantage of advanced performance management? And does it deliver value for money to taxpayers or “juicy” deals to rent seeking private companies—these are some of the questions we shall ask in this blog.

China's Venture Capital Markets: Nascent, but growing

Editor's Note: Brian Hoyt is a consultant with the Financial and Private Sector Development Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group.

The World Bank recently held a workshop on Closing the Private Equity Gap that discussed how government policy can nurture the growth and sustainability of emerging market private equity. Venture capital investments play an important role in filling the early stage funding gap, and China is one of the world's largest emerging markets for venture capital (VC).