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A Bird's Eye View Into the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

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Las reuniones anuales del BM y FMI colocan al Perú al centro de la economía global

Hace poco fui invitado al conversatorio “En una economía de Cristal” realizado en la Universidad San Martin de Porres bajo la agenda de Rumbo a Lima 2015, una serie de eventos previos a las reuniones anuales del Banco Mundial y del Fondo Monetario Internacional. El conversatorio, realizado con universitarios, sirvió para dar a conocer más de cerca el rol que tiene el Banco Mundial en el desarrollo del Perú y la importancia de las reuniones anuales para el país.

A little noticed but powerful ‘Agency’ for gender development

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The banner that's been unfurled across the facade of the World Bank's Main Complex in Washington, D.C., where DM2009 will be held Nov. 10-13, tells the story.  Are you registered?

From Kathy Sierra, Vice President of the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Network, and Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President of the World Bank Institute, comes this welcome to DM2009 finalists:

Development Marketplace 2009 couldn't have a more timely or significanSanjay Pradhant theme: “100 Ideas to Save the Planet and its people from the effects of a changing climate.” 


Managing risks from climate change will require not only one hundred but thousands of ideas from communities all over the world. Identifying the best of those ideas and reducing the time it takes to incubate, develop, and take them to scale will mean the difference between life and death to those people who live in the most vulnerable areas.