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In Search of Feedback: usability test participants needed to improve World Bank search and project information

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Does the World Bank search engine frustrate or amaze you? Have you spent hours searching our website for research, reports, or project information only to feel like you're going in circles? Wish you could share your great idea about improving the search engine or project information with the World Bank web team? China Scavenger Hunt: Help Improve Usability

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Can you find the GDP of China using the World Bank website in fewer than 4 clicks? We challenge you! 

If you're like many of our website visitors, you probably look for information based on a particular country of interest. And, like many of our visitors, you may find it challenging to find what you need.

The good news is that the World Bank will soon roll out new designs for our "Country" site sections. The China site section will be the first to pilot the new and improved design, with other countries to follow.