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Second Life for Doing Business

The Doing Business team will present its 2008 report - which ranks 178 economies on the ease of doing business - to the Second Life residents at the Activ8 Island Theater tomorrow at 3pm GMT (11am eastern).

More blogs

The Undercover Economist and the co-father of this blog, Tim Harford, has done it again. He has created yet another blog – this one is his second (as far as we know) and is hosted by the Financial Times. One of his recent posts is on the Doing Business report.

World Bank at annual meetings

At the boards of governors of the World Bank and the IMF meet between October 20th and 22nd in Washington to discuss the work of both institutions, it is a good time to reflect on the evolution of the World Bank Group.

Land, the single greatest asset for the poor

In 2006, the income of Chinese urban residents was 3.28 times that of the rural ones, where 700 million farmers or 56 percent of total population live.

The new survey from the Cato Institute shows how secure land rights can reinvigorate China's rural economy. The graph (below) displays a correlation between issuance of contracts and certificates and farmers' mid and long-term investment in land.

Can Africa surpass Japan?

If a single African country were to incorporate the best practices that are already in place across the sub-Sahara region, it would rank eighth worldwide. This was one of the observations that business leaders made last Friday at an award ceremony for the top two African reformers – Ghana and Kenya.

Primer on remittances

Global recorded remittances to developing countries reached $204 billion in 2006. This amount, which has been growing at almost 30 percent a year, is twice the size of total development aid.

Remittances hold a big promise for development but a lack of transparency and a high volume of unrecorded money flows, pose security risks and keep the costs high.