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Microfinance meets Islam

Mohammed Obaidullah, a senior economist at the Islamic Development Bank, argues for the compatibility of microfinance with Islam:

Contemporary mainstream Islamic finance has expended considerable effort in developing Shariah-compliant products and services for deposit mobilization, finance, remittance, […]. These products with minor modifications if required, can be used for microfinance as well.

School, job or government life?

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Some years ago the British Government decided to support a major investment in upgrading education on St Helena. A new secondary school was built - and named after Prince Andrew, who, together with several St Helenians, had served as part of the force sent to deal with the Falklands conflict in 1982. Teachers were sent to the UK for training. Curricula were upgraded. In the late 1980s and early 1990s this was the largest development project in St Helena.

SME finds business in educating Madagascar

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Recently I met a remarkable entrepreneur in Antanarivo, Madagascar. Maxime, aged 70, worked for many years as a teacher. Twenty-five years ago he started writing text books for schools. Ten years ago he decided to set up a printing and binding operation to publish the books. Today he is the dominant text book author and publisher in the country. Each day he rises at 3am to write another section of a text book.