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New guest blogger: Suzanne Roddis

Today starts the IFC’s three-day International Investment Forum for Private Higher Education. The keynote speaker will be Sir John Daniel (who I bet you didn't know was the first person person to preach in Westminster Abbey from a laptop computer).

Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship

The Reuters Digital Vision Program (RDVP) at Stanford University is now accepting applications for the 2006-07 academic year. The deadline is April 3. The Digital Vision Program generates some great projects and ideas on technology for social enterprise – and of course also a blog.

Fellowship for social entrepreneurs

The Global Social Benefit Incubator is offering 10 spots in its intensive two-week program meant to help “successful technology innovators scale their endeavors and achieve sustainability.” Each fellowship is valued at $20,000. The application process has its hurdles, but last year’s class was able to get in. Best of luck!

Does Africa need better business schools?

Critical to Africa’s economic growth problem is a lack of the managerial skills needed to grow successful firms. By providing firms with a stronger pool of trained managers, African business schools can help foster a healthy private sector.

So say Guy Pfefferman and Brent Chrite in our new online discussion. I respond:

Branson opens African entrepreneurship school

Billionaire impresario Richard Branson has announced the opening of a free “school of entrepreneurship” at CIDA City Campus in South Africa - already a shining example of educational creativity.

The equity return of economic freedom

Results show that cross-country equity returns are directly related to increases in economic freedom. For investors seeking superior investment returns, countries likely to experience an increase in economic freedom should be selected for investment.