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Business and the rules of the game: from rule takers to rule makers?

Over the next two days, Alexis Sampson and Michael Jarvis, both from the World Bank Institute, will be your eyes and ears at the ongoing 12th International Business Forum (IBF) in Washington, DC. Here is their first post:

Goodbye TV ads, hello cell phone messages

Nokia_cell_phoneThe 2.5 billion mobile phones around the world can potentially reach a much bigger audience than the planet's billion or so personal computers. The number of mobile phones in use is also growing much faster than the number of computers, especially in poorer countries.

Business for governance and MDGs

On October 9 and 10, the 12th International Business Forum in Washington, DC will reflect on the role that businesses can and should play in shaping the regulation in the global business arena.

This year's focus is on two main issues: business action on climate change, and private sector's role in curbing corruption.

In good taste: ethical fashion

Ahead of Paris Fashion Week, Washington, DC will have its own ethical fashion show this Thursday. The organizers hope to draw public attention to the final product but also to those who made it and the raw materials used.

But why does fashion matter? The textile and apparel industries represent 10 percent of global trade with the developing world, and clothing imports to the U.S. account for 90 percent of the its $60 billion market.

Let's talk about microfinance technology

Banks and microfinance institutions have been applying new technologies to increase lending volume, reduce costs and reach new customers. Seeking ways to further improve efficiency IFC, CGAP and Visa International will bring lenders and borrowers from over 40 countries to Washington, DC from September 17th to 19th.