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Conflict remittances

How do remittances sustain livelihoods during war, crisis and transitions to peace? The International Peace Academy and Georgetown University have tried to tackle the question, despite the huge data challenges. See the full report or four-page summary.

Hubbard on private sector development

Glenn Hubbard in the Financial Times:

Understanding the role of business and business institutions in prosperity is surely a good complement to the Buffett-Gates emphasis on social transformation of the poorest nations through medical advances.

Countries today prosper or fail to the extent that they embrace basic business principles.

Business schools waking up to CSR

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Some business schools have offered courses on corporate responsiblity issues for several years, but the new report Corporate Responsibility and Education from Ethical Corporation shows how sustainability teaching is entering the mainstream. The quick survey of developments continent-by-continent still finds Europe leading the way in terms of integrating CSR into MBA programs, but others regions are catching up.

Incubating entrepreneurs

In Chile, a novel training program pairs business-school students with low-income entrepreneurs in a mutually enriching partnership. They have realized that beyond just financing, mentorship and training are sometimes needed for entrepreneurs to get started in the right direction.

Private education forum: day two

Yesterday the forum got underway with opening remarks by Mr. Wolfowitz, who drew on his experience as ambassador in Indonesia to focus on poverty and the limited access to education which perpetuates it. He called on the World Bank and the IFC to work together to increase access for the poor, but also to offer quality education and value for students whose families struggle financially to allow them to attend school.

This was followed by an overview of the global trends in this sector and by a presentation on the state of the US private higher education market.