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Over the past half decade though, the folks at Afrobarometer, which is run by Michigan State University, the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, and the Centre for Democratic Development in Ghana, have done a series of fascinating surveys on what Africans feel about some of the biggest issues they face.

A tape measure for microfinance funds

Microfinance... took another step toward becoming a distinct asset class with the advent of a mechanism for objectively rating microfinance funds. MicroRate, an independent company that already rates microfinance institutions (MFIs), has been working to develop a microfinance fund-rating tool for several years.

Aceh Diary: The staffing challenge

Staffing is one of the most serious challenges facing donors and aid agencies ramping up in Aceh. There’s no shortage of overqualified foreigners running around Aceh or the rest of Indonesia with the requisite passion to slave away for this worthy cause. The problem is, however, now that the volunteer/recovery phase is largely over and longer-term commitment becomes necessary to engage in the reconstruction effort, their services and dedication come with a very high price-tag.

Business schools waking up to CSR

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Some business schools have offered courses on corporate responsiblity issues for several years, but the new report Corporate Responsibility and Education from Ethical Corporation shows how sustainability teaching is entering the mainstream. The quick survey of developments continent-by-continent still finds Europe leading the way in terms of integrating CSR into MBA programs, but others regions are catching up.

Ellerman on helping people

A WB friend of mine is a huge David Ellerman fan and has been reading his latest book: Helping People Help Themselves : From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Assistance. He sent me this excerpt, where Ellerman sarcastically describes what he believes should to be the policy message being conveyed to policymakers by development agencies:

Three contest deadlines in June

First, our essay contest with the Financial Times is drawing to a close. Submit the best essay on "Business and Development: The Private Path to Prosperity" and win $30,000. There are $60,000 in prizes for the runners-up, too. Deadline is June 30.