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New World Bank blog!

I am happy to say that we are no longer the only World Bank Group blog on the block. (It would of course be hypocritical for a blog praising private sector development to unwelcome competition!) Our colleagues at the World Bank Institute have just launched the Poverty & Growth Blog. Click over, bookmark, subscribe and comment!

Alternative energy fund proposed

"The developed world has a responsibility to help developing economies meet their energy needs in an environmentally sustainable way… So at the World Bank meetings in April... I will propose a World Bank facility -- a 20 billion-dollar fund for developing economies to invest in alternative sources of energy and greater energy efficiency."

That’s Gordon Brown, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Mapping the global future

Mapping the Global Future' is the latest unclassified report from the US National Intelligence Council. This forward-looking scenario based report focuses on the contradictions of globalization, the impact of the rise of China and India, and new security risks. More on specific topics below the fold.

Oil in Belize

Belize is the newest exporter of oil to the United States, a development that is starting to upend this small country of 280,000 people… [Despite] the formation in December of a government petroleum advisory board, there is considerable skepticism throughout Belize that the country can develop its oil resources without the corruption and environmental damage that afflict other poor oil-producing countries.

Dangerous used-cars for export

For the Iraqi-born used car dealer Tareq El-Khaled, the fire spelled financial ruin: The seven cars represented his entire capital. And Tareq thinks he knows who the perpetrators were. A group of Chechens had dropped by his dealership that same afternoon, but had been unhappy with the deal Tareq was offering. They had made an offer, but it was less than Tareq himself had shelled out for the car in question. He put the kibosh on the deal and the men left the lot, screaming wild threats at the dealer.

Development Marketplace finalists

This year’s global Development Marketplace competition focuses on “Innovations in Water, Sanitation, and Energy Services for Poor People.” 119 finalists have been selected to showcase their projects May 8-9 in Washington DC.

Privatization in developing countries

Many public policies move in and out of fashion, but few have shifted in pendulum-like manner to the extent of privatization.

For more, see John Nellis’ new paper on ‘Privatization in Developing Countries: A Summary Assessment’: