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Does foreign aid help?

ABC News argues that food and financial aid often only enrich the corrupt, not reaching the poor they are meant to help. See this great six minute video with John Stossel on the story, where he sees for himself how hard it is to register a business in some countries and has some tough questions for Sachs and Bono on the benefit of giving more aid.

Open-source, collaborative avian flu fighting

Christine Gorman points us to the recently announced Global Pandemic Initiative:

IBM and 20 academic and public health organizations today announced a computer-based, collaborative effort to fight bird flu and other potential emerging disease threats. As part of the effort, IBM will contribute some software elements to the open-source community to help share information and make predictions about how a pandemic will develop and how best to respond to one.

Climate change: removing bad subsidies to fund adaptation?

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Let’s start by cleaning up what we mean by clean technology. The definition used at IFC/EMPEA Private Equity Conference yesterday, was that it optimizes the use of natural resources, while reducing ecological impact and adding economic value by significantly lowering cost and improving profitability. I think this works well as a definition.

Doing business in Latin America

The Latin Business Chronicle ranked the best and worst business environments in Latin America. Chile leads the way - now if only we could make the World Cup!? Also see their Latin Globalization index. Thanks to Aleksandr Shkolnikov for the link, who has more comments.

Distribute for free, or sell affordably?

Why use the private sector in healthcare? Jeff Barnes, Deputy Director of PSP-One, discusses the issue and touches upon whether it is better to sell mosquito nets or give them out for free. His main points are that: (1) if someone pays for something with their own money they will use it better, (2) “free” distribution is never free - there are always transaction costs, and (3) that the private sector is more efficient and more financially sustainable.