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Distribute for free, or sell affordably?

Why use the private sector in healthcare? Jeff Barnes, Deputy Director of PSP-One, discusses the issue and touches upon whether it is better to sell mosquito nets or give them out for free. His main points are that: (1) if someone pays for something with their own money they will use it better, (2) “free” distribution is never free - there are always transaction costs, and (3) that the private sector is more efficient and more financially sustainable.

Public policy and serious games

The winners of USC’s Reinventing Public Diplomacy Through Games Competition have been announced. Micki Krimmel has a good round-up. Second place went to Hydro Hijinks:

A class project designed to promote discussion about international water issues and to educate players from around the world about sources of international conflict over water rights.

Development Marketplace winners announced

The winners of the 2006 Development Marketplace where announce yesterday. $5 million was awarded to 30 innovative projects that will help communities meet their basic needs for clean water, hygienic sanitation, and access to energy.

First law of petropolitics

This was something Tom Friedman put forward during the first session of today’s PSD Forum. To paraphrase: the pace of freedom in oil producing countries and the price of oil move inversely. He backed this up with some interesting examples and facts. For these, and the other laws, see the next edition of Foreign Policy when it comes out. He only gave us a small peak.