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France to privatize power

France’s conservative government has finally given the go-ahead for the partial privatisation of EDF. Some 15% of the vast company—the world’s biggest generator of nuclear power—is set to revert to private ownership in the next few days.

Small scale private infrastructure providers

Jordan Schwartz and Mukami Kariuki have just published an excellent new paper on small-scale private service providers (SPSPs) of water and electricity – including some great figures, maps and datasets.

Climate change solutions that make money

This is what we need to be working on, according to the top executives of the UK Carbon Trust in today’s Financial Times. They offer five policy principles that they claim would benefit both government and business. For example, their fifth suggestion:

Emerging market sponsors dominate infrastructure investments

Our latest Viewpoint highlights recent trends in private sector participation in infrastructure. All in all, flows increased by a welcome 12% in 2004, though this growth was mostly limited to the telecommunications sector. Greenfield projects also continued to be the main mode of entry. Perhaps the most interesting story is the increasing importance of sponsors from emerging markets.

Updated Asian development outlook

The Asian Development Bank has released an updated version of their 2005 Asian Development Outlook - originally released last April. This new version projects regional GDP to grow by 6.6% this year, slightly up from their original 6.5% prognostication. The highlight is an entire new section dedicated to the challenge of higher oil prices in a region of both energy guzzlers and net exporters.