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Collecting debts in India

The BBC reports from Orissa:

A bank in India has decided to publicly shame defaulters in order to recover outstanding loans. Employees of the Urban Co-operative Bank in the eastern state of Orissa have begun staging noisy demonstrations outside the home of defaulters. Armed with posters, they kicked off the loan recovery drive outside the homes of two defaulters last week.

Cameroon's beer bottle currency

Cameroon is one of the top-five markets for Guinness in the world, thanks in part to Africa's own James Bond, Michael Power. (Remind me to tell you about my appearance at red-carpet premiere of the Michael Power film, Critical Assignment.) Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that beer bottletops are now serving as currency in Cameroon:

Making markets for vaccines

In the time it takes you to read this preface, 100 people will die of diseases that can already be prevented with vaccines, and 150 more will die of malaria, HIV or tuberculosis.

Run, don't walk, to the Center for Global Development's 'markets for vaccines' report. The simple idea is that donors could give incentives to private companies to develop vaccines, by committing to purchase large quantities of a successful vaccine.

Live online discussion on Niger

The Washington Post will be hosting today at 2 PM EST a live online discussion on the continuing food crisis in Niger. Submit your questions and comments in advance. Washington Post foreign correspondent Craig Timberg will be answering your questions.

Free lunches leave a bad taste

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports (with great pictures):

Chaos erupted this morning at the Richmond International Raceway as thousands of people stampeded through the gates in a rush to buy used iBook laptop computers for $50 each.