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New blogger: Amanda Ellis

We are all very excited to introduce Amanda Ellis, our second blogger from New Zealand.

At the IFC, Amanda heads the new Gender Entrepreneurship Markets (GEM) program and will provide insights from her experiences assisting women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Welcome aboard Amanda.

How many wives can some extra coffee buy?

When seen from a gender perspective, private sector development issues can reveal some harsh realities.

“Why should we take time away from producing food for our families to earn extra cash so our husbands can buy another wife?”, reported one woman coffee picker during a research project we conducted in Kenya.

The silent majority in a globalized world

Are women as globalized as men? Daniel Altman provoked some gender-balanced debate by noting that 95% of the comments on his Managing Globalization blog are from men. The same is true on the PSD blog. Commenters write that women sometimes post as men in hopes of being taken more seriously. They also quibble about his implied definition of globalization. Those points aside, Dan raises an interesting question. A few of my unscientific reflections on "women's globalization" after the jump...

Are states indispensable to markets?

In our informality debate, Keith Hart and others have been vigorously taking me to task for arguing that states are 'indispensable for making markets work on a large scale.' Keith rightly points out that a lot of international market standards are privately enforced and work reasonably well. Chanayka says that regulatory evasion may be efficient when states are predatory rather than enabling.