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The world is not flat!

Morgan Stanley Chief Economist Stephen Roach takes aim at Tom Friedman’s catch-phrase theory, arguing that the world economy, far from being flat, is really characterized by disparities and tension.

Globalization may well be win-win in the long run — but in the here and now, it is profoundly asymmetrical…

She keeps her ego in her handbag

Some of you may have missed a nice profile of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in the Guardian a couple of weeks back.

"When I see vested interests still try to undermine me, I know it means I'm successful. When I manage to convince one person to change, I think this is why I'm here. The ability to change things is a powerful incentive."

'Protecting women' in India

We know that well-meaning regulations often damage people they were intended to protect. Strong prohibitions on firing workers, for example, make employers reluctant to hire, and particularly to take a chance on inexperienced workers.
Saddening to hear the news from India, then: