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Submitted by Emmanuel Boro Bayi on

I have always followed updates from World Bank as a subscriber and my interest and passion to help solve the challenges in world has increased.
I am young determined planner who graduated from the University for Development Studies,Ghana, where I pursued BSc Planning.I have this desire to always make efficient and effective use of the scarce resources for the benefit of the poor and the vulnerable in an altruistic manner.
I belief strongly that the agricultural sector has most of the solutions to the climate change spill over in agricultural,perhaps because I was raised and worked in an agricultural family business.
I have started an organic vegetables farming making use of the waste(plastic, undigested curd,charcoal waste) to produce fresh,cheap and chemical free vegetables for homes,schools and businesses.
Is it not possible for me to be helped in any way expand the bit am doing or a chance to join the team spearheading the road map to solving the worlds problems.My contact is +2330202858011.
Thank you.