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Reflections on my final day in Copenhagen

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  • The number and diversity of countries participating in the convention process may simply be unmanageable. 
  • The increasing focus on climate change may have come at the expense of other important concerns. A commonly heard statement is that climate change is “sucking the air” out of everything else. Thus the amazing range of interest groups attempting to label themselves as climate victims or solutions, from groups based on gender, religion, diet, geography, etc.
  • The media was incredibly frustrated by the complexity of the issues and lack of transparency in the meetings. The process does not lend itself to simple headlines. Consequently the focus on good visual events – especially demonstrations and police activity – seemed totally disproportionate to anything observed.
  • No matter how many times I’ve done climate meetings, I always forget how exhausting they become and how good it feels to be going home!
Polar Bear spokesman delivers climate message, Copenhagen. Photo ©Alan Miller/ IFC Media frenzy when police move student demonstrators inside Bella Center. Photo ©Alan Miller/ IFC




Submitted by Jean-Jacques Dethier on
Alan, I enjoy reading your blog. Very informative. Thanks Happy holidays ! Jean-Jacques

Submitted by Anonymous on
I am from Argentina, I am 60 years old and I am terrified about what is going on, I mean climate changes. I have read what professors, politicians, environmetalists, etc.have written about. But what about us? Common people who are really suffering, who do not know about political interests, but know a lot about water shortage, hunger, diseases, pollution etc. We feel prisoners of greedy interests, we have no voice. Nobody takes into account what we say! But Gentleman, we are concern about our representatives, we are concern about our children´s future. We want a real solution not only empty words that lead no place. Please, forget about economic interest and political disadvantages or advantages, just think what God really wants of this place, He has given us a home, a beautiful one, and it is our duty to take care of it! I hope no one takes offence because of my words. If so, please accept my apologies. I am sorry about my English, too.

Submitted by Maurice Ouma Odhiambo on
Having read part of the WDR 2010, I think we should be bold enough to Act ,Now, Together and Differently. The train should start moving and I believe it has. Those who want to derail others should be told off loud and clear

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