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Submitted by Subramaniam Udhayamarthandan on

Land is a limited resource which is a basic need for habitat, agricultural, industrial, forestry, transport & so on.

With the on going level of transport infrastructure, urbanization & residential development, land use policies need to renewed & judicial allotment to various sectors need clear cut play.

Afforestation, let it be even road sides need to be developed. Renew ability of trees apart from construction material needs practicable by way of planting double than cutting.

Residential & industrialization zones to be defined & confined to respective limits & area.

With the ongoing speculation on land & real estate boom, land resources need to be treated as national resource, to control the escalation & judicial usage under government control.

As regard to agricultural, days are not far off towards vertical agriculture by which, the surface area of land need to be increased artificially, apart from provision of water. minerals.

We need to criticize our fore fathers' living & action trends & change to sustainable path way for smoother life on this planet.

Technology got to lead the show apart from policies & regulations.