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Submitted by Della Wager Wells on

Mr. Sappala, I am a missionary of The Episcopal Church USA working with my link diocese in the Anglican Church of Tanzania. My link diocese is the Diocese of Western Tanganyika in the Kigoma District of Tanzania, centered in Kasulu. They have a need for a biodigester, primarily for cooking to feed the seminarians and their families, on the campus of the Seminary in the Diocese, where they keep about 20 head of dairy cows. The Tanzanian government has imposed new limitations on the use of charcoal and firewood, which is the sole source of cooking fuel now. Use of biogas would meet Tanzanian regulatory and legal requirements, improve the health and safety of those who prepare food at the seminary (now primarily women and girls), reduce deforestation, increase soil quality for agriculture, and provide a clean, reliable, sustainable source of fuel — as well as fertilizer for the food crops grown on the seminary shamba.

Can you tell me where we could find plans for the most current, affordable, and best design for a biodigester to serve this purpose? And what is the approximate cost? Or perhaps where I could find the information? Thank you, Della Wells