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Submitted by kibinkiri Eric on
The fight against climate change cannot be complete without reducing poverty. In my country, there is a significant relationship between poverty, climate change and other global issues like HIV/AIDS. These problems are caused by man due to ignorance, greed, power and corruption. It is very futile to tackle one without looking at the others. The poverty level in my country is too high especially in the rural areas. People are only struggling to find what they can eat in order to live. Women spend long hours on their farms but reap very little at the end of the day. Most people are now running to towns and cities in order to improve their living conditions. However, the situation in towns is still not favourable as the rich gets richer everyday while the poor gets poorer on a daily basis. In schools, programs are poorly conceived without considering the issue of sustainability. There is much talk than action.Schools keep on sending out thousands and thousands of students every year without nothing to do. This has led to an alarming rate of unemployment in the country. Also, in the face of these global crisis, my family associations and so called NGOs are cropping up on a daily basis pretending to be fighting against these issues. For example malaria alone has caused many people to become very rich. However it continues to be the number one killer in Africa. Now is the right time for such groups to become more focus and work for the common good and not for their puckets. Programs should be reviewed to incorporate aspects of sustainability. There should be a link between what is being taught in schools and what is happening in the environment. Ministries should get involved and monitor the activities of these institutions to make sure that students are not stranded on the streets after completing their studies. Alternative solutions and strategies should be offered to the poor to improve their lives. All these issues affects people in the same way and should be tackled from the same angle. Base on this argument i will confidently conclude that low carbon growth is not the only sustainable way to tackle world poverty. Eventhough climate change caused by increasing CO2 in the atmosphere poses serious threats to mankind, solutions to it and world poverty most be looked from different perspectives.To convince people fight an issue like climate change, you must first of all satisfy their basic needs. People sometimes have no choice than to get involved in unhealthy practices which consequently destroy the environment and affects their lives adversely in future. Thanks very much for your blog Eric Tel:+237 77 79 03 82