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Submitted by Robert Vincin on
Unfortunately we have the wrong folk attending Major Environmental decision making assemblies. The prime issues at present is save the Banks. The only assets on the Planet are Water Atmosphere Soil Vegetation WASV all else commodities including printing press and all else commodities. I am Guest Foreign Expert in PRC together we are planting out 200million hectares of C4 UNFCCC article 3.3-3.4 vegetation sequestering 25b tonne CO2. The point is the 300yrs of global CO2e build-up toxic water soil deserts loss of the precious BEES and like need action now, as we have 4 years to perfect replicating nature. Desk jockeys are never at poverty's face never see a lake filled with sand or algae or a child die wanting a glass of potable water or a flame to cook the world supplied rice wheat. The solution for the US lead financial crash is, do a Roosevelt, and rebuild today the infrastructure assets, replicate NATURE, but do in according to the well thought out UN - FCCC rules. The developed world cast aspersions upon PRC but she has here hand up recognizing problem cause effect and implementing a we-solution. Einstein no BEES no food no Man. Rebuild your infrastructure quit throwing stones you live in a glass transparent house. Follow Natures and Gods' master plan 2million US folk will start tomorrow all it need is a Global leader today. You can do it by 2012 and take your place back at the table tomorrow Robert Vincin Beijing in a we program