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Submitted by architesh panda on
it is very interesting to read the views u have expressed here. It is exactly the same what i heard in your public lecture given in Bangalore, India. There i pointed out one query that how to integrate both poverty reduction efforts and climate change mitigation. U have argued in favour of a low carbon path for developing countries. I would like to point out that developing countries need growth to eradicate poverty, and growth itself means some level of GHGs emissions in production consumption and international trade. Low carbon path certainly is the only way to do it. But transiting to a low carbon path will take time due to the past investments developing countries have already made in carbon intensive development path. Giving thrust to mitigation means lowering suddenly the growth rate of the economies which will inturn effect poverty reduction efforts. At the same time they are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and adaptation to climate change is the priority now. I doubt how far developing countries can go with the rapid reduction of GHGs in the face of pressures of adaptation to climate change. Thank you very much for ur ideas.