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Submitted by Srikumar on
Its true billions of dollars is being spent by various UNFCCC and world bodies in the name of environmental carbon protection and prevention of emission, but the real effect can only be experienced when theres a revolution in our thought process and our way of living. Living in this fast paced world is more dependent on the society each resides. A typical city resident with a fast paced life can never imagine a life without the life assisting consumer durables be it a Iron to press the clothes which is imminent for his/her professional look in an office, refrigerator to keep the vegetables and other edible food fresh, water heater that facilitates a warm soothing bath before and after office. This list is endless and one cant imagine a life without these. Little can one leave without these basic necessities than be infested with microbes that could make one a frequent visitor to hospital or make oneself less presentable in the office. Technology could bring about a savings of few thousand tons of Co2 in a energy generating project like power plants or other similar projects, but how can one bring about a drastic cut in the emissions to the earths atmosphere. A basic change in life is much required. A change which needs to stem from within. A change which must be fundamental in what we believe, in what we need and what we want to experience. This change is very difficult to bring about. But then it needs to be attempted. This is only possible by controlling your senses. A strong disciplined life is what one needs to get into. Is it possible....I guess each and everyone has to find an answer ...with the realization that you are contributing to destruction of life on this earth....