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Submitted by Supriya Francis on
Thanks so much for the blog entry! What you have written makes absolute sense. No doubt we have to focus our efforts on energy efficiency and renewable sources at the supply side, but equally important is the demand side, which we conveniently tend to ignore. There is an urgent need to understand that if everybody makes a conscious effort to study closely one's own energy consumption pattern, much change can be brought about. I'm not talking about switching off all light bulbs in the house to save energy, but yes there sure are a few bulbs out there that we could do without. It's all about turning those off. Small but collective effort by a few thousands can bring about a change that we sometimes talk about and hope to see. If we don't act together now, the question that many of us would want to evade by the future generations maybe 'how could you be so selfish as to choose to ignore a observable fact like climate change?' do we have answers to their questions or are we going to do something about this today by contributing in little ways? This is something that each of us needs to answer not by shouting from the rooftops as to convince our neighbors but to ourselves. Let's leave this planet to the future generations as it was given to us -- beautiful!