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Submitted by Daniel Ofoe Chachu on
There are thousands of articles and publications on the subject of climate change and its implications for humanity. The much trumpetted effects of climate change on the developing world is almost deafening but what i ask myself is the extent to which developing countries are engaged in the debates and negotiations about response. More specifically, i wonder the extent to which African scholars and government negotiators are exercising influence in favour of the continent. Of course i am not referring to attendance to international meetings and conferences but rather the extent to which those are harnessed for the benefit of Africa. One cannot be naive or assume that African interests would be covered if there are no advocates. I am no expert in these matters but i believe that all those who read this and can do something about the issues i am raising must act and act now. We cannot afford to be back benchers. Any further delays could mean further delaying Africa's ability to surmount the challenges that confronts it development. It also has implications on the ability of future generations to handle these challenges.