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The last, but not the least, of the several issues being addressed by the authors of the forthcoming WDR 2010, to my mind, should be first and foremost in prioritizing efforts in addressing distortions resulting from climate change. By making meaningful use of communication facilities such that people, no matter to what category or level they belong, would be made aware and conscious that climate change could be an aggravating factor in making life more miserable and that by taking climate change into account and helping in whatever way possible in not adding to it would not only be to ones personal benefit but to the many others who would be affected by such action. I think that we can reduce to a greater extent the disproportion which the climate change phenomenon will create in poverty stricken regions by already engaging the people in acquiring knowledge of what the subject is, utilizing the various communication media, and what can be done to mitigate the harm it will cause. The authors commissioned to draw the WDR 2010, I am certain, would find ways to address the subject.