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Submitted by Mahesh Sugathan on
Dear Mani Read your blogpost with great interest. I agree that it will be critical to address the obstacles in the conduits through which technologies flow-trade and investment as well as help developing countries create an enabling environment. In that context I believe there needs to be more sophisticated fine-tuning of assistance and technology deployment requests (in UNFCC and elsewhere) based on country situations and priorities. For instance energy-efficient techniques are important but perhaps may be more urgently deployed in developing countries where energy demand is rising rapidly and where much of energy will be derived from fossil-fuels. Priority problem areas specific to countries-whether they be GHG intensive sectors or providing temporary support for renewable energy to take off (through some support for feed-in tariffs) could be identified and become eligible for accelerated action. Developing countries could be more specific in tailoring requests so that financial assistance and technology can be directed towards areas of maximum need as well as impact. In that context a clear country-based mapping of obstacles and priority areas towards achieving low-carbon development paths by the Bank and other relevant agencies would be extremely useful in enabling concrete proposals to be made at UNFCCC and other fora. On trade and investment some bottlenecks of course could be addressed domestically but others may be ripe candidates for bilateral and multilateral assistance and new initiatives such as collaborative R&D.