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Submitted by Shiva S. Makki on
As many of you probably know deforestation is taking place at a fast pace in the tropics. Recent findings have shown that preventing deforestation in the tropics is even more important than in northern latitudes, since lush tropical forests sequester more carbon than sparser northern forests (see UN Panel on Climate Change). Many scientists and policymakers are advocating increased incentives for preserving tropical forests, especially in the face of increased demand on forest lands for growing food crops as well as clearing of forests for timber and fuel wood. Now, the deforestation is also destroying bees everywhere. In the last three years, millions of bees vanished from their hives, leaving billions of dollars of crops at risk and potentially threatening our food supply. I am seeing this happening in my own backyard. I have several vegetables growing nicely and flowering but I don't see any vegetables. I have one bee trying to do her job, but she is overwhelmed. This may sound like a joke, but indeed a true phenomenon. Think about it. If forests disappear at the current rate, we not only increase global warming, we may also be deprived of fruits and vegetables.