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Dear DN, Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog. I am very keen to take a look at your website on green education when it is launched. Sustainability can be integrated into curricula in such diverse ways and a dialogue on different methods is certainly very productive! I am thrilled to see primary schools in Sydney adopting green policies such as the 'walking bus' and 'vegetable patch'. These solutions are often managed by local governments. North Sydney Council, for example, is particularly active in this area. I urge you to take a look at their comprehensive environmental website for some ideas. They are even able to offer schools financial assistance to undertake student inspired green initiatives. One of the cornerstones of my initiative was the creation of 'green jobs', particularly for unemployed youth. I was very pleased to note earlier this year that the current government announced the introduction of the National Green Jobs Corps. This 'green investment' in unemployed youth was very similar to what I had envisaged in my essay, but on a national scale! Please see the following website for more information: Like many university students, I enjoy the chance to learn about sustainability issues through extra-curricular lectures and forums. I hope that such experiences will assist me in formulating informed solutions for the future. I also have a broader interest in educational programs across a range of social issues. I refer you to a recent 'role play' activity on domestic violence that I trialled with my team in Germany. I think such a format could also be appropriated for an activity on sustainability for a younger audience. Unfortunately the text is only available in German: