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Submitted by mae on
Congratulations Kwasi! Thanks for bringing such great inspirational ideas. I am from Davao, Philippines. Recently, we have experienced a surprising and abrupt flashflood. I believe it happened fist time in the history of Davao. A lot of unfortunate residents died during the recent flood. I have never expected this worst case to happen but I realize now that we are all living in the same roof, the same ozone layer and we all breathe the same air. Our place is not exempted for possible effects of climate changes. We are all responsible for whatever will happen in our environment. I hope that our city will recover very soon from this terrifying event and will take all the necessary actions to save our forests and maintain our green city. I am stirred with your ideas. If given the chance, as a youth, I'd really like to do a work that involves saving the environment and contributing to success in the pursuit of clean and green environment. And that would surely start in our homes. We have now a strict implementation of the segregation act pushed by the local government in the city. I just hope that the implementation will be consistent and that the people will be persistent also. I hope to find unity of efforts from both the people and the local government. Good governance plus good people will result to sustainable development, hopefully, without compromising our good and healthy environment...