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Submitted by David Sawle on
I read this and it sounds good, but one thing that I found is that a lot of new ideas come from a person who has a need and wants to develop his idea. But when it comes to making proto-types, patents and starting to produce their idea, lack of money comes into the mix and almost all new ideas end with no one ever knowing about them. So many good ideas have come and gone. Some of them may even be the ones we are all looking for to help energy production -- without using coal, gas or even nuclear. If there was some way of funding these ideas even in a small way, it would be better than losing them altogether. Let’s say I had a way to power the world that does not pollute the planet. I am a person who gets a very small amount of money per week. How do I get my idea to a stage that everyone can benefit from? No bank will loan me the money. Investors need to see a profit before they will help and then they take more than they give. Governments give grants as long as I have enough money to do it myself so that does not help. As an individual and not a company I have no hope at all. One day hopefully ideas will be funded on merit. Thank you for reading this. David.