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Submitted by Julia on
Thank you for posting this comment. You raise a very good point. We cannot say that this drought is caused by climate change. Nevertheless I think there are three reasons to discuss this drought in the context of climate change. First, all predictions indicate that droughts such as this will increase in severity and frequency. We see in Kenya today how the drought impacts all areas of society from economic growth to traditional customs. Second, the impacts of this drought are much worse because Kenya is not adapted to droughts of this magnitude. More regulation of water supply would reduce the need to ration power and drinking water in the cities. Better natural resource management would protect water resources, reduce soil erosion, limit overgrazing (and, incidentally, store carbon) and so on. Kenya and other poor countries urgently need to invest in adaptation mechanisms. Third, there is a growing awareness in Kenya of climate change. That was not the case ten years ago. It makes a difference to the politics of climate change within the country. We have recently learned new ways to communicate so that people feel empowered to turn concern into understanding and understanding into action. Julia Bucknall