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New technology to fix CO2 is really the only thing that can reverse global warming. At a big enough scale using simple enough methods we have the potential to fix more CO2 than total world emissions. But how? The key is to turn CO2 into a valuable commodity, ie biofuel, to create a real market for it. The fastest way to do this is by growing algae. Algae biofuel is expanding, but still faces cost issues. In my study of this topic I have come to the view that combining algae technology with another new and innovative technology - ocean based fabric bags filled with fresh water - can readily and rapidly address the cost and scale issues regarding algae biofuel feedstock production. This approach is environmentally friendly, beneficial for climate security, congruent with current energy systems and suitable for public private partnership for rapid implementation at large scale. I hope readers will examine my ideas on this new technology as described at Robert Tulip