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Submitted by Shabani on
Dear Chris, Thank you for this very interesting post. Is climate change considered as a "new" priority? How do we explain to the Buduma people that what happened to Lake Chad is "new" after almost 95% of the lake shrinks? How do we console Batwa population who, for many years were forced to leave their homes in the Congo forest? How do we explain these repeated and severe droughts to Massai in Tanzania or the population living near Lake Nyassa? How do we report to fisherman at the Tanganyika Lake about the scarcity of fish? This priority can be "new" for industrialized countries but for those poor people in Africa who are disproportionately affected by the effect of climate change while contributing to it by only 3%, this is not a new priority for them; it is old and need to be taken seriously. Unlike financial crisis, climate change problems did not happen overnight. Nature has been suffering for long time more than any other system, but unfortunately it doesn't do bails-out. Ely