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Submitted by miaenergia on
We are always changing, just as the environment is always changing, and creative ideas are one thing, but what if we stop polluting our environment, stop logging huge amounts of forests, stop overfishing? It is the lack of initiative and poor priorities that are the reasons for our environmental problems. Our population is likely to level out on nine billion by 2050 and it should be very possible to adapt to that number. We have enough resources for us all; the distribution of them is the problem. People in general are worried about the environment; the politicians and the corporations set value on oil instead of trees. Our monetary system is much more worth than humans and other animals, and that is our problem. We ignore the environment, we think we can exploit it and still survive. We need to make sure that the Earth don´t lose the ability to nuture life in all her diversity, but we are not quite there yet. For us to live, she needs to live. In thirty years there will be no more fish in the ocean if current trends continue. If forests disappear the trees will not be there to make oxygen for us. An obvious case, we just have to see it. It is the simplest things that are needed. We need creative ideas, because with these comes serious discourse, pressure on corporations and on governments, and eyeopening. We also have to stop blaming population growth; it is not the problem in itself.