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Submitted by ANASTASE JARIBU on
I am totally supportive of the World Bank Land Management initiative for the enhancement of Carbon Storage in African soils. However I would love this being coupled with a strong program that promotes sustainable use of Fertilizers and improved seeds in rural Africa. These are the fundemantal and essential elements to effectively enhnace the resilience of Africa to Climate Change. I could elaborate more on this if required. Regarding the ability of Africa States to address the curent threat to climate change,I think it is a matter of prioritizing. African states should not always be in a position of begging without making any slight effort. Having worked with many Governments in the Southern Africa region for 9 years, I strongly believe African Governments can do something, at least a first step showing the willingness, at which the International Community will bring in additional resources. But again this should come out of a determination in setting up priorities.