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You'll find more detail on the Humbo project's encouraging impact in this feature story:, published by the Bank's Sustainable Development network on March 12. World Vision/ Australia's CEO points out: "While the income from the carbon credits is a welcome bonus, other tangible benefits from the project come from building resilience against climate impacts." More than 2,700 hectares of degraded land have been restored and protected. In addition to creating a "carbon sink," regeneration has resulted in increased production of wood and tree products that generate income for local households, fodder for livestock, a habitat for local species, and a buffer against soil erosion and flooding. This project highlights the role of landscape restoration in addressing both poverty and climate change. There are huge opportunities for similar work elsewhere. The Bank's involvement in the restoration of the Loess Plateau in China is one famous example ( Working with Chau Doan, a Vietnamese photographer, I did a piece once about a project that was restoring mangrove forests in southern Vietnam ( Not only were villagers better protected from extreme weather by the newly restored mangrove buffer, life was returning to the coasts, increasing fishing yields. Do you have stories of similar win-win contributions?