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CDM projects in Africa are a new subject and require the building of local communities at all levels to widen the understanding and participation of Africa. Africa's technological background is challenged and the continent has insuffient capacity to meet its growing poplution needs. For a long time, the continent has relied on 'borrowed technology' making it a dumping site for substandard technologies. The emergence of Clean Technologies is both a mitigation and adaptation strategy for Climate Change in Africa but the big questions have been the affordability, suitability to local needs and the policy to spur local innovations/inventions that are demand driven. On the other hand, CDM projects should be tailored to the African context and Africa be mentored to appreciate and respond to its potential and actual role in reducing GHG emmisions. Africa is not left behind but we need to loook for possible interventions of documenting and upscaling CDM Projects that have merits in the African scenario.