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Thank you Richard for your comment. I agree, more could be done to tailor CDM methodologies to the African context. One can't always transplant technologies from one continent to another without modifications. In the same vein, perhaps it is difficult to transplant methodologies. Many people discussed this issue at the Africa Carbon Forum. Simplification of CDM rules would alleviate the costs and capacity requirements for monitoring projects and program of activities in least developed countries. Lack of infrastructure and limited institutional capacity further calls for adoption of standardized approaches and benchmarks that would greatly lower the project implementation costs, which sometimes reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, adoption of a positive list for technology (such as renewable energy and energy efficiency) and project types (land-use and forestry) whose emissions reductions fall under a certain threshold could automatically be considered ‘additional’. Also, the registration process could be simplified. For example, community-based energy efficiency and sustainable land management initiatives, within the small scale limit set by the UNFCCC, should have access to fast track registration. These standardized baseline and default value approaches could be incorporated into the validation and verification manual to promote simplified and cost effective verification protocols. In discussions with African entrepreneurs, the idea of simplification of methodologies and regulatory procedures met with a keen audience at the Africa Carbon Forum. You can hear it in the interviews I did at the Forum: