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Submitted by Sunita Dubey on
Dear Mr. Saghir, While aligning yourself with the recently released UN report "Energy for Sustainable future' and making a case that the World Bank is already moving in that direction, you are forgetting a recently approved $ 3,75 billion loan by the World Bank to Eskom, in South Africa. Supporting projects like Medupi, which is the fourth largest coal fired power plant in the world, the Bank has no right to claim that they are promoting the UN agenda on "energy and climate change". Even though this loan was based on the fact that the South African government has a plan to offset GHG emissions from Medupi and the World Bank is going to push for low carbon future. However, South African government is all set to build another massive coal power plant 'Kuseli' (third largest coal power plant in the World), they have already hired JP Morgan and Credit Suisse to help them out with raising funds and selling equity share. The premise based on which the World Bank funded Eskom, saying that this was the "down payment" for steering SA towards greener future, is nothing but a sham. It is a high time that the World Bank stops pretending to be the "change agent" for taking us towards greener and sustainable future. Sincerely, Sunita Dubey groundWork