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Forest fires were a norm through entire Russian history, except during USSR times when this kind of statistics was a state secret. (War 1812-13 was won in part because of the forest fires too). Peat-fires is a result of different things and has nothing to do with climate change (happened every year and in 1954, 1960, 1970 - the most bad ones - since peat-mines were closed). Agricultural production nowdays does not require a lot of labor. So what is you point then? Infrastructure. OK. It does not exist in places where are no people. And there is no need for it. Meteo forecast? Russian Hydromet is probably better equipped than any other borrower of the Bank and beyond. Keep firefighters in unpopulated areas? Institutional development? Russian bureucracy is the largest in the world (per capita). Unfortunately, climate 101 lecturing does not work. More precise (and fact-based) advise preferred.