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Submitted by Subramaniam Udhayamarthandan on
Greetings to Andrew Steer and nice of meeting you in this forum. Primly the optimism on the salvation scope of the issue sounds great. Agriculture, afforestation and judicial land use are key factors to deal this issue. The technology aspects to solve theses issues are very well in human reach, the World Bank can consider the following avenues. 1] Humans are used to gravity flow based natural river stream usage, that during the limited raining seasons about 90% of the water reaches the sea in vain. Technology measures are a must by way of diversion dams construction, natural diversion flow or pumped up piped flow to remote storage locations, so that a fair distribution and effective storage of rain water is ensured. The expected outcomes of this strategy should be resulting in water availability cushions, well distributed water availability, all land use scope, more agricuture based occupations. 2}The second aspect comes about scientific farming, mass land irrigation than discrete private farmings,use of machines for farming, meeting acute labour shortages- a scope to make the agricultural industry a permanent base industry with all employee benefits like other industries. Metered water in flows, effective utilization are other major considerations. 3] Other major mile stone activity is the low cost green power provision for agriculture purposes. Africa has tremendous scope for implementation, experimentation of these exercises so as to replicate to other regions of the planet.