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Submitted by Sheree-Ann Adams on
Congrats Angus, well written article. Wonderful that Grenada had an opportunity to be the venue for such an important conference. Unfortunately still very much a top down approach to the climate change strategy. Is there going to be a PR program developed from this to educate the 'masses' and 'grass roots' stakeholders about climate change and the needs for life style change? Granted in Grenada and the Caribbean as a whole, we have many poor environmental practices but many more good practices than many other countries. Knowledge is power, unless our people truly understand what is happening in a language that can be understood by the man on the street, the effects of the mitigation and adaptation strategies will be slow and less effective as 'climate change' is a constantly evolving process. To feel the negative physical impacts such as Tomas is but yet another reminder of the realities, but what about the positive impacts for others? The seasons such as summer in the UK and Europe are getting longer and warmer... these are noticeable physical impacts that will have serious implication for long haul tourism in these challenging global economic times. Just my two pence and some food for thought. Finally, was a tree planted in the Grand Etang and other parts of the island sponsored by each conference participant as a token off-set to their carbon foot print? Given the extensive damage to the islands' ecology from hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004 an initiative such as this, as small as it is would have gone a long way. Carbon Sinks are no doubt important to slowing down the climate change process.