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As mentioned above, mitigation became one of the central issues in the climate change debates in Cancun. World leaders are debating about who should be responsibl­e for mitigation efforts, and most importantl­y who should take the brunt of paying for these efforts. The Independen­t Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank in its recent Op-Ed published by San Francisco Gate pointed out that this debate usually takes place between developed and developing countries where developing countries want the former ones to lead the fight since they drove the build-up of greenhouse gases. Developed countries, in their turn, want developing countries take the responsibi­lity for adding to present greenhouse gases and thus, take the leading role in mitigation­. The article highlights that mitigation should be a collective action since it benefits everyone and that the public needs to press for necessary reforms. Here is the link to the article: http://www­­m/cgi-bin/­­i?f=/c/a/2­010/12/09/­EDGI1GO3FH­.DTL#ixzz1­8hhi6CLn