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Submitted by Kevin Fingerman on
In the vein of blatant plugs, I'd like to call attention to the work of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels ( This multi-stakeholder initiative to identify, certify, and promote responsibly produced fuels can help to ensure that any biofuel expansion delivers benefits to rural women and other potentially vulnerable populations. Central to the RSB's certification system are criteria ensuring that "special measures that benefit and encourage the participation of women, youth, indigenous communities and the vulnerable in biofuel operations [are] designed and implemented." The RSB certification also requires that data for women in social surveys be disaggregated to ensure that impacts on them are understood, that labor conditions are fair and safe for women, and that Free Prior and Informed Consent processes make special efforts to engage with female stakeholders and other potentially vulnerable populations. There are certainly biofuels that will deliver net detriment to society, but 3rd party certification from the RSB can play a role in identifying those that truly deliver on their promise of sustainability