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Submitted by Kammen on
This is a very interesting proposal, and the cite to the program in Mexico is particularly interesting. In the Mexican Village Law, communities could lease but not sell the land. The results were mixed. Some communities did well, others saw little revenue because the leases had to be very short, 1 year. This in part protected communities from losing access to their land, but also discouraged larger investments in infrastructure, as the companies were not sure they would get a return on their efforts. In the case of biofuels investments, not only would care be needed to ensure that sustainable practices were implemented, but also that reasonable rules for any greenhouse gas costs and benefits would be worked out in advance. One such issue is discussed in [1]. [1] Searchinger, T., Hamburg, S., Melillo, J., Kammen, D. M., Lubowski, R., Oppenheimer, M., Robertson, G. P., Schlessinger, W., and Tilman, G. D. (2009) “Fixing a critical climate accounting error”, Science, 326, 527 – 528 (23 October).